• Image of RAM_012: Football Game OST - Jupiter-C

C21 violet-shell original Football Game soundtrack by Jupiter-C with J-card and download of all 3 tracks and 6 game cuts. Released April 6th, 2018. Run of 101. 17 left in stock. Each copy comes with a download of the audio and a key to download the game.

Side A: 1. Forever / 2. Hold Me / 3. Grind 4 Death (Jupiter vs. F0RM)
Side B: 1. Teenage Love/Early Death / 2. Suzy Ruin / 3. The Gift / 4, Passing Game / 5. Vapour Turbines / 6. Tommy's Darkness

Football Game is an old-school, point-and-click PC computer game newly out via Cloak & Dagger and inspired by David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. With plenty of the genre’s usual puzzles and dialogue interactions across its hour-long game-play, it focuses on Tommy, a local high-school football hero, and his quest to find his missing girlfriend.

The year might be 1987, but Ashiya Eastwood and David Kane are in charge of the game’s audio and they have their sights on the industrial revolution instead. The oppressive hum of machinery consequently pollutes the soundtrack throughout, cold chimes, metallic beats and a punishing snare programme the cold counterpoint to Ashiya’s menacing vocal, which echoes out across the eerily dead battlefield like a ghost. A solitary post-punk banger with anonymous artist F0RM sounds quite unlike anything the band have done before with steam-driven compressions doing the damage over a thudding 4/4 beat.

The B-side rounds up various game-cuts: buzzed-out blasts of irradiated noise, heavy chimes and gentler pulses, post-apocalyptic drones, atmospheric ambience and otherworldly effects like aliens sharpening knives. Angelo Badalamenti it may not be but, as a score, it's more than mysterious, confusing and downright noir enough to please even the great man himself.

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