• Image of RAM_011: Amorie - Volume One

C22 white-shell EP with J-card and download of all 3 tracks. Sides A and B play the same. Released May 16th, 2018. Run of 60. 20 left in stock.

Side A & B: Cold / Enough / Lover, Please

Break-ups hurt. We’ve all been through them, but few of us have turned the experience into an EP quite like Volume One. Enter Amorie, the London-based American with the emotional acumen to transform three of the stages of grief into something rather positive. Her modern electro-pop composition consequently charts the early stages of decline, the turmoil of finally calling it quits and then the wicked temptation of longing.

While its source material is undeniably bleak, the minimal production, subby drops and dangerous percussive undertows of Toronto beat-maker Patrick Perez nevertheless permit Amorie’s shadowy torch songs to shimmer, her low and sultry vocal capable of the most operatic of high notes when the dizzying feelings of love and loss demand it too. Turns out your mother was right. Every cloud does have a silver lining.

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