• Image of RAM_008: Akranes - Takeover Me EP

C21 pink-shell EP with J-card and download of all five tracks. Released March 13th 2017. Run of 25. 1 left in stock.

Takeover Me by Akranes

Producer Liam Gaunt returns with a new EP on which he’s swelled his contributing vocalists by one. Ooni Staerck features once more, so too now the equally impressive Sabira Jade. An embarrassment of riches consequently at his fingertips, Takeover Me starts in super-slow motion, a palette of downbeat low-end and percussive trills so full of space that Ooni’s vocal swoops in to fill the void as if in a vacuum.

Even more slight, the ghostly title track allows Sabira to roll out a delicate dose of neo-soul over echoing percussive clicks. The flip pits crisp beats against subtle tropicalia, Ooni’s crystalline turn fronting a serving of soft-focus Balearica. Sabira then close proceedings with a comedown classic – a sweet pay-off from a next-level recording.

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