• Image of RAM_005: espher - explosions in technicolour EP

C30 grey-shell EP with J-card and download of all eight tracks. Released Sept 16th 2016. Run of 40. 4 left in stock.

explosions in technicolour by espher

Recorded live earlier this year, explosions in technicolour is Manchester-based producer espher’s fourth EP since late 2014 and, accordingly, there remains a surface noise to its production. Programmes are avoided in favour of patterns tapped out by fingers. Yet, explosions in technicolour comes with a caveat. “It is a line in the sand, my past and the future,” espher explains. Whilst a culmination of his material to date, espher’s music now shimmers with emotional depth too, spacious textures bolstered by hints of Balearic chill, the ghost of piano-line house and pitch-shifted R&B.

The EP lurches also with full techno composition, the crisp combination of synth pulses and high-end keys hand-in-hand with prettier chime work. Thick beats crawl out of the mix, enveloping vocal samples emerging from wispy breakdowns. Stark compressions are rendered indistinct by fierce sunshine and relaxed mid-tempos, chaotic finishes obliterating earlier bouts of bliss. The flip opens in slow motion, a lullaby in which flickering sounds invoke a solitary bat caught in the rafters. Vibrant to the last, deep electronic pulses then give way to bottom-end Bass and skittering post-step workouts – aural gymnastics when all else is Olympics.

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