• Image of RAM_005: espher - explosions in technicolour EP

C30 grey-shell EP with J-card and download of all eight tracks. Released Sept 16th 2016. Run of 40. 14 left in stock.

explosions in technicolour by espher

Recorded live earlier this year, explosions in technicolour is Manchester-based producer espher’s fourth EP since late 2014 and, accordingly, there remains a surface noise to its production. Programmes are avoided in favour of patterns tapped out by fingers. Yet, explosions in technicolour comes with a caveat. “It is a line in the sand, my past and the future,” espher explains. Whilst a culmination of his material to date, espher’s music now shimmers with emotional depth too, spacious textures bolstered by hints of Balearic chill, the ghost of piano-line house and pitch-shifted R&B.

The EP lurches also with full techno composition, the crisp combination of synth pulses and high-end keys hand-in-hand with prettier chime work. Thick beats crawl out of the mix, enveloping vocal samples emerging from wispy breakdowns. Stark compressions are rendered indistinct by fierce sunshine and relaxed mid-tempos, chaotic finishes obliterating earlier bouts of bliss. The flip opens in slow motion, a lullaby in which flickering sounds invoke a solitary bat caught in the rafters. Vibrant to the last, deep electronic pulses then give way to bottom-end Bass and skittering post-step workouts – aural gymnastics when all else is Olympics.